998+ Russian WhatsApp Group Link 2024 [Updated]

Looking for a Russian WhatsApp group link to join? If your answer is yes to that question, you’re in the perfect spot. There are various groups with different purposes like Travel groups, Fun & playing group, Study group, Russian language learning group, Russian food groups, Fan groups, Online earning groups, and more.

By joining them, you can be a part of the Russian community to interact with native people, learn from them, grow yourself, and have fun. We have collected numerous groups that are active & most engaging. Just go through the list below and join any Russian group of your choice.

Active Russian WhatsApp Group Link

  • Russian – Join
  • Russia 2024 – Join
  • Smart Russian Forever – Join
  • Russain World – Join
  • Russian Revolution – Join
  • Russian Country – Join
  • Fun Time – Join
  • Russian Power – Join
  • Russia community – Join
  • Happy Peoples – Join
  • Russian Fans – Join
  • New Group – Join
  • Russian Group Now – Join
  • Russian Country – Join
  • Russian Boys – Join
  • Russian Comunity – Join
  • People Russia – Join
  • General Knowledge Russia – Join
  • Russia Dressing Buy Online – Join
  • College Russia – Join
  • Russia Sub for sub-YouTube – Join
  • Russian Mafia – Join
  • My World – Join
  • Only poetry Whatsapp Group – Join

Learn Russian WhatsApp Group

  • Basic English Learning in Russia – Join
  • Russia Study Guide – Join
  • Russian Book Club – Join
  • Happy People – Join
  • FIFA 2018 WORLD Cup – Join
  • German/Russian/Eng – Join
  • Super Life – Join
  • Gamer – Join
  • Tar Taros – Join
  • Avto Life – Join
  • Turkey-Hestland – Join
  • Russia Trader – Join
  • Tirus Africa – Join

Russian People WhatsApp Group

  • NYT Club The Only Guy – Join
  • Russian peacock painting – Join
  • Moscow Whatsapp Group – Join
  • Russian Group – Join
  • Russia Friends – Join
  • New Ideas – Join
  • Great builders team Grace – Join
  • EnjoyMint Moscow Group – Join
  • Fashion Moscow – Join
  • Moscow Group – Join
  • Sendal Moscow Group – Join
  • Study Russian – Join
  • Moscow Audio Song Group – Join
  • Bufin Fx Crypto Trading Russia – Join
  • Triple Coins Trade Russia – Join
  • Digital Marketing Group in Russia – Join
  • Moscow Doctor – Join

Russian Hacker WhatsApp Group

  • Hacked By Snake – Join
  • Learn Russian With Alex – Join
  • Snake – Join
  • Comedy Russia – Join
  • Russia Song Group – Join
  • Mood Off Russia – Join
  • All Type Study Russia – Join
  • Moscow Motivation – Join
  • Our religion is Humanity – Join
  • Find friend/lover – Join
  • Russia World – Join
  • Learning Academy Moscow – Join
  • Perv Moscow group – Join

Russian Girl WhatsApp Group Link

  • Russian Girls WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Cute Girls – Join
  • Russia Song’s Lover – Join
  • Russian language – Join
  • Russian Girls WhatsApp Group – Join
  • FREE IN Russia – Join
  • Russia feelings – Join
  • Moscow English Cafe – Join
  • Assignment Help Russia – Join
  • Car For Sale In Russia – Join
  • Russia in Russia – Join
  • Car Import in Russia – Join
  • Write Poetry In Russia – Join

Russian Business WhatsApp Group

  • Business Only – Join
  • The Research Group – Join
  • Helping Hand – Join
  • Business Platform – Join
  • Russia Card Trick – Join
  • Legit Deals In Russia – Join
  • Russia Bitcoin Investment – Join
  • Cricket Fever In Russia – Join
  • Russia Earn Group – Join
  • Graphics Designer – Join
  • Online Income Source Russia – Join
  • Status Videos Russia – Join
  • Online earning methods in Russia – Join
  • Russia – Join
  • Status – Join
  • Poetry and Knowledge About Russia – Join
  • Try To Be Funny – Join

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Russian WhatsApp Group Rules

There are some specific conditions with Russian WhatsApp groups that one must follow to have a good time being a member.

  • Talking about Russian leaders/politicians are not allowed.
  • Disrespecting Russian or Russian culture is strictly prohibited.
  • Talk nicely with people, bad words and aggressive behavior while interacting might get you blocked.
  • Resist sharing unconfirmed or fake news about Russia in the group.
  • Don’t spam any member.
  • Do not directly make video calls or voice calls to any member without their permission.

Benefits Of Joining Russian WhatsApp Group

There are numerous benefits that one can grab from the Russian groups and that is not limited to any specific age people. Therefore, anyone can be benefited, and here’s how:

  • If you’re planning to travel to Russia for the first time, joining a travel group will help you get helpful information like places to go, hotels for the best view, money-saving tips while traveling, availability of different transports, etc.
  • Planning to go to Russia for study purposes? Then joining a college or study Russian group can make things a lot easier for you. You will be able to interact with students, teachers, and seniors to get your queries shorted. Also, you can join Russian native groups to learn their language.
  • Interested in specific Russian games or sports, you will find groups for that as well where you can make a bunch of friends.
  • Planning to do some sort of business in Russia and looking for co-founders, you can join Russian online Business groups. You can find many young to old-age Russian business owners who might be interested in your business idea.

How To Join Russian WhatsApp Group

Having difficulty joining a Russian WhatsApp group? No need to worry, simply follow the steps here.

  • Firstly, from the list above, choose which Russian group you want to get into.
  • See beside the group name for a join link.
  • Click on that and you’ll be redirected to that Russian group join page.
  • Finally, click on the Join chat.
  • Done.


Can we make friends from Russian WhatsApp groups?

Yes, most members of Russian WhatsApp groups are open-minded, Interested in interacting with people, meeting new people, etc. So, you’re not going to have a hard time making friends in any Russian group.

Can an outsider join a Russian group?

Other than private groups, anyone from any country can join Russian groups, it is totally allowed. Just make sure you read the group rules properly and follow them. In most cases, you’re going to have a good time being a member of a group based in Russia.

How to learn the Russian native language from WhatsApp groups?

There are many native speakers groups as well as Russian native language learning groups where you can get lessons to complete, words to learn, and make conversation with native Russian speakers to learn their language.


So, there you have the most active WhatsApp groups based in Russia for many different purposes. Whether you’re a student, traveler, business founder, and explorer, you can join the Russian group of your choice and be friends with them. They are smart people to be around and you will also learn about their history and culture from the group.

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