720+ China WhatsApp Group Link [2024 Updated]

Looking for any China WhatsApp group link to join? Well, As a country in East Asia, China is officially known as the People’s Republic of China. More than 1.4 billion people are living in the country, making it the largest country in the world. Compared to other countries in the world, China borders fourteen countries by land and spans five time zones.

Its low costs make it a great place for businesses to do business. The country has an entrepreneurial economy. Manufacturing output in China accounts for 28.7% of global output as of today. There are numerous China WhatsApp groups to explore that you can join as per your requirements. Whether you are into business, finance, job, manufacturing, travel, or tech innovation, you’ll find plenty of relevant groups that we have shared below.

Active China WhatsApp Group Link

  • China Import & Export – Join
  • China Jobs – Join
  • China Business – Join
  • China tourist visa – Join
  • New China new life – Join
  • Scholarships in China – Join
  • COVID-19 – Join
  • Chinese Scholarships for All – Join
  • China tourist visa 100% – Join
  • China Real Market – Join
  • Teaching English In China – Join
  • China News Group – Join
  • Beautiful World – Join
  • China Pre-Order – Join
  • China – Join
  • Learn Chinese – Join
  • China Wholesale – Join
  • Only TikTok – Join
  • Study In China – Join
  • Networking – Join
  • Photographer – Join
  • China Travel World – Join
  • Work From Home – Join
  • Real One-Man Army – Join
  • Let’s practice English – Join
  • Chinese Scholarship – Join
  • Free Promo – Join
  • FG2G – Join

China Girl WhatsApp Group Link

  • Funny Chinese Videos – Join
  • CORWINBTC Members – Join
  • Anglais(English) – Join
  • Shopfreemart – Join
  • Creative Tips Travel – Join
  • China Study Group – Join
  • China Status Video – Join
  • China tourist visa 100% – Join
  • xCeylonese Tours – Join
  • Under Graduate 2019 China – Join
  • Funny Family – Join
  • English Teachers Istanbul – Join
  • Chat Room – Join
  • Chinese Language Education – Join
  • Programming – Join
  • UL Official – Join
  • Progress Mentor App – Join
  • Great Country – Join
  • Big Business Group – Join
  • International Market – Join
  • Chinese Investment – Join
  • World BTC Trading – Join
  • Bitcoin Power – Join
  • Trading Master – Join
  • Hasi TV – Join
  • Sai Lotus Creation – Join

China Job WhatsApp Group Link

  • The Wordless Vibes – Join
  • Wave Academy Job seekers – Join
  • Starmaker TikTok – Join
  • Starmaker Promotion – Join
  • Creative Trips Travel – Join
  • Meet New People – Join
  • Crypto-Excel Club – Join
  • China Technology – Join
  • Business Plans in China – Join
  • Money Makers Group – Join
  • Working Power – Join
  • Glow n Shine – Join
  • Melange Fashionz – Join
  • Al-MIRAJ Visa consultants – Join
  • Nepal Tour – Join
  • Worldwide Travel Agents – Join
  • Jumbo Careers – Join
  • VP Services limited.com – Join
  • Camera Media News Grp Del – Join

Best China WhatsApp Group Link

  • Value Adz Visa Services – Join
  • Farmer point – Join
  • Hacking Hub – Join
  • KE70 OWNERS – Join
  • Data Science – Join
  • MonalAdventure.Com – Join
  • AP Agriculture Students – Join
  • Austin UniHousing – Join
  • Clinical Psychology – Join
  • Antonia Daily Winning – Join
  • Exclusive Business – Join
  • FUTURE OF QOM – Join
  • X3-HACK3RSV – Join
  • DJ Spura’s fan page – Join
  • Strictly CAIIRO – Join
  • money made easy – Join
  • Srini Collections – Join
  • Tourism Expert – Join
  • Latest RNB – Join
  • Govt Exam Preparation – Join
  • Takeoff-ToTT -Dipender Vr – Join
  • TAHMedia Vacancies & More – Join
  • Strictly Afro-House – Join
  • Buy great Products Online – Join
  • Plussify Investment – Join
  • Princess Brand – Join
  • Work/Projects – Join
  • Chitra’s Boutique – Join
  • BrainKart – Join
  • IT Contracts – Join
  • Team JW – Join
  • Jumbo Careers – GP1 – Join
  • A/C Problem & Solution – Join
  • Fresh Look Clothing – Join
  • Friends – Join

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China WhatsApp Group Rules

Once you have joined any China WhatsApp group, you must follow some specific rules in order to have a good stay in the group. Not following them might result in an instant block.

  • Talking negatively about Chinese politicians/leaders is strictly not allowed.
  • Sharing unethical information is restricted.
  • Be aware while sharing fake or unconfirmed news, you’ll be blocked.
  • Rude talking and abuse are strictly prohibited.
  • Try to be an active member of the group you’ve joined by reacting to posts, sharing information, your experience, etc.
  • Resist sharing your personal details in any group.
  • Don’t personal message any member as a stranger.
  • Don’t change the group profile picture.
  • If you’re having any problem, directly contact the admin of the group.

Benefits Of Joining China WhatsApp Group

By joining Chinese WhatsApp groups, you can learn a lot of things on a personal level and get a whole different perspective. However, they are quite ahead in some of the important aspects of life. Here’s how.

  • If you are planning to start a business that involves manufacturing, you can join a Chinese product & manufacture WhatsApp group. You will learn a lot about the process of making a product that will potentially help in setting up your product-based business.
  • Love exploring tech innovation or simply knowing about new stuff? Chinese tech-related WhatsApp groups often share posts showing the latest tech innovations that people use in day-to-day life i.e smart car gadgets, home appliances, fashion gadgets, etc.
  • If you’re into traveling, China has a huge land and there are a lot of destinations to explore. To help you with that, you can hire a tourist guide from any China travel WhatsApp group.
  • Want to learn a specific skill faster? Well, Chinese are genius minds and they basically master any skill faster. Whether it’s hair cutting, cooking food, fixing a punctured tire, dress-wearing skills, a specific game skill, etc. You can learn unique techniques by joining smart funny video WhatsApp groups based in China.

How To Join China WhatsApp Group

Facing any difficulty and not able to join a China WhatsApp group? Well, we’ve listed below simple steps that you can follow to accomplish the goal.

  1. Firstly, from the list above, choose which China group you want to join.
  2. See beside the group name for a join link.
  3. Click on that and you’ll be redirected to that China group join page.
  4. Finally, click on the Join chat.
  5. That’s it.


Is there Chinese friends WhatsApp group for normal people to join?

Yes, there are many public-based Chinese WhatsApp groups where you can meet people and make friends if you want. These groups can be joined by anyone. Just make sure you behave well and talk with everyone in a nice manner.

Can we learn Chinese from the China WhatsApp group?

There are some specific Chinese groups where most members are native speakers, there are also Chinese language learning groups that you can join. It is very much possible to learn entry-level Chinese from the group alone. People often post new words, and lessons, and prefer conversing in Chinese. It will give you exposure to how Chinese talk as well.

Anyone can join China WhatsApp groups?

Chinese are huge in population and only a small percentage of the people are on WhatsApp groups because WhatsApp is blocked in the country. Still, some people prefer WhatsApp and allow outsiders to join their WhatsApp groups. These groups are generally based on public, entertainment, fan-based, etc.


We have tried to list China WhatsApp groups based on many different genres which are desired by different individuals. Whether you are looking to meet new Chinese people, explore Chinese tech, or are in search of a guide to travel to China, for all these we have shared relevant groups. We will also keep updating the list with new groups so that many people can join.

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