998+ Foreign WhatsApp Group Link 2024 [Updated]

Looking for any Foreign WhatsApp group link to join? Well, I understand there can be many reasons for that, you may be a curious person and want to know how foreigner behaves, interact, and talk. The other reason could be job opportunities, abroad study for a higher degree, etc. Or simply, you may have been planning to move out to a different country and want to know people’s experience who lives there.

In all those scenarios that we pointed out, foreign WhatsApp groups can help a lot. It can give you easy access to talk to many foreigners from many different countries. In this post, we have curated a comprehensive list of foreign WhatsApp groups. All of them are the most engaging & active, have a look below.

Active Foreign WhatsApp Group Link

  • Foreigner Friend – Join
  • Worldwide trends – Join
  • World Trip – Join
  • International Student only – Join
  • Import & Export – Join
  • American People’s – Join
  • Fashion Update – Join
  • 4 Dollar Global Company – Join
  • Russian Student Group – Join
  • Indian USA Friendship Group – Join
  • World Wide Friends – Join
  • Foreigners Business Group – Join
  • Korean Drama Group – Join
  • Funny Memes Group – Join
  • Foreign News Group – Join
  • Buy And Sell Property – Join
  • Earn Without Investment – Join
  • International Friendship – Join
  • IR & World Politics – Join
  • Learn Different Languages – Join
  • Careernest Group  – Join
  • The Boyz – Join

Foreign Girl WhatsApp Group Link

  • Mona Style – Join
  • Girls Group – Join
  • USA Girl Chat – Join
  • DLI New Centers – Join
  • IR & PS Globally – Join
  • International Customer – Join
  • World Meet Me – Join
  • Blood for Nagaland – Join
  • International Movies Info Group – Join
  • Hollywood Movie Suggestions – Join
  • France People Group – Join
  • World Charity – Join
  • Political Scientists – Join
  • World Politics & IR Part – Join
  • International WhatsApp – Join
  • Be Happy Group – Join

Foreign People WhatsApp Group

  • Online Fitness Guide Group – Join
  • France Peoples Group – Join
  • Global Scholarships Group – Join
  • Foreigners YT Group – Join
  • Foreigners Farming Trick Group – Join
  • E-commerce Business Ideas  – Join
  • BSS – 2021 – Join
  • IR & Pol Sciences – Join
  • PS & IR Studies – Join
  • IR-World Politics/Economy Group – Join
  • The cover point Team – Join
  • World PMC’s & Realtors – Join
  • Free Scholarship Applications – Join
  • International Students – Join
  • UK Group Link – Join
  • Germany WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Brazil WhatsApp Group – Join
  • England WhatsApp Group – Join
  • World Buddhist Council – Join

International WhatsApp Group Link

  • Nigeria WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Australia WhatsApp Group – Join
  • China WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Netherland Group – Join
  • New Zealand WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Pearlvine International – Join
  • American United States WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Africa WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Afghanistan WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Spain WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Coffee scholarship HuB – Join
  • Online Yoga Beginners – Join
  • Miami Whatsapp Group – Join
  • France WhatsApp Group – Join
  • Beautiful Members Only Group – Join
  • International Webinar Group – Join
  • Forsage International Earn Group – Join

USA WhatsApp Group Link

  • E-commerce Ideas – Join
  • USA Unlimited Income – Join
  • USA Chatting Group – Join
  • Inter’ Students in Canada – Join
  • International Relations – Join
  • Opportunity Desk 16 – Join
  • St.clair sept. Intake – Join
  • SBS MBA Cohort 2021 – Join

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Foreign WhatsApp Group Rules

There are certain specific rules that everyone should follow after joining any Foreign WhatsApp Group. Ignoring any of them could lead to removal from the group.

  • Be kind to everyone, and don’t make fun of anyone.
  • Try to answer questions, don’t just be a reader.
  • Resist talking negatively about any religion.
  • Abusive behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • Make conversation in English language only.
  • Avoid sharing too much personal information.
  • Do not change the group profile photo.
  • Avoid personal marketing or promoting your stuff.
  • Do not try to spam any group member.

Benefits Of Joining Foreign WhatsApp Group

There are a good number of benefits that one can reap from any Foreign WhatsApp group. We have pointed out some of them in the bullet points below.

  • You can learn to talk or chat in English well. Foreign groups are full of English-speaking people. Even if you have little knowledge of the language, you can get surrounded by people in chats, posts and make conversation. You will be consuming little English every day and eventually, you will become better at it. The saying is very true “You become what you surround yourself with”.
  • You can learn a specific skill or job that is not teachable in your country. See, Foreign WhatsApp groups have members from all over the world, and people have joined the group from various countries. If you want to learn some skill or job that people from a specific country know very well, you can interact with those people, make conversation, and request guidance on that skill.
  • Planning to study abroad and don’t know how you can pull that off? There are many study-based International WhatsApp groups full of student members. You can have access to talk to them and know the process after you join those groups.
  • In case you’re a traveler or have plans to travel the world then Foreign WhatsApp groups can help you a lot in this case. However, you join an international travel group and meet other travelers who have traveled more and have experiences. You can interact with them for your traveling queries for a specific place, know do’s and don’ts, get alerted of scams, etc.

How to Join Foreign WhatsApp Group

Are you a novice and having difficulty joining a foreign WhatsApp group? Simply follow the steps below to overcome that.

  1. Firstly, from the list above, choose which Foreign group you want to join.
  2. See beside the group name for a join link.
  3. Click on that and you’ll be redirected to that Foreign Group join page.
  4. Finally, click on the Join chat.
  5. That’s it.


How do I find Foreign friends on WhatsApp?

If you’re looking to make foreign friends or simply interact with foreign people then Internation or foreign WhatsApp group is the solution. In these types of groups, you will find people from many different countries. All you gotta do is know the English language as they mostly only speak English.

Can a Stranger join a foreign WhatsApp group?

Yes, Foreign WhatsApp groups themselves are full of strangers or people from all over the world. These groups allow anyone to join, there is no pre-requisite that you must meet.

What is the largest group on WhatsApp?

The largest group on WhatsApp is probably some International group where many people have joined from all parts of the world. We have also shared some of the largest Foreign groups in this post.

How can I join random WhatsApp groups?

If you’re looking to randomly join a WhatsApp group, it would be no better option than a Foreign or International WhatsApp group. However, firstly, they allow anyone to join. And secondly, you will meet new people who speak the same English as you but with a different accent.


Foreign WhatsApp groups are best when you’re looking for new people to interact with, learn, and grow. They accept everyone regardless of where you belong and don’t shy away from helping with any topic. We have shared a comprehensive list of Foreign WhatsApp group links, we hope you find a bunch of them really useful. We will also keep updating the post with new groups every now and then.

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