[1450+] Best Marathi WhatsApp Group Links 2023

So, If you’re from Maharastra or your religion is Marathi culture and you looking for a Marathi WhatsApp Group link then, you’re in the right place because in this post we’ve brought a long list of Marathi WhatsApp groups that you should definitely join.

The Maharashtrian culture consists of people from the vast majority of religions many sub-regional cultures exist in Maharastra, around 80% of Maharashtrians are Hindu, and there are significant Muslim, Christain, and Buddhist minorities.

So, if you want to learn the Marathi language or want to communicate with Marathi People then, you can join this group for free here below we’ve listed active WhatsApp group links.

Active Marathi WhatsApp Group Links

  • Marathi WhatsApp Group – Join
  • छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज – Join
  • Marathi Book Readers – Join
  • Marathi Money Makers – Join
  • Pune Smart City – Join
  • Marathi Status Group – Join
  • शिव स्वराज्य – Join
  • RajMata Tours and Travel – Join
  • Mahajan Study Circle – Join
  • Maharastra Business Group – Join
  • Health Wealth Happiness – Join
  • जय महाराष्ट्र – Join
  • मराठा मित्र मंडळ – Join
  • Candidate Zone – Join
  • Playback 2 – Join
  • Motivational Group – Join
  • Neet Students – Join
  • Funny Jokes In Marathi – Join
  • Be In Wardha Maharastra – Join
  • Champ Cash – Join
  • MMWM Psychology – Join
  • ITI BOYS – Join
  • शैक्षणिक लढा – Join
  • लय भारी – Join
  • Study Point – Join
  • Talathi Bharti 2021 – Join
  • Vedic Maths & Handwriting – Join
  • TV 9 Marathi Group – Join
  • Neet Students ( Marathi ) – Join
  • ATS Success – Join
  • शिवविचार प्रतिष्ठान – Join
  • Rojgar Updates – Join
  • Ghar Baithe Baite Kama – Join
  • New Marathi Group Link – Join
  • मि तुझी प्रेमिका तु माझा – Join
  • Jai Hind – Join
  • Crypto Farm – Join
  • Business Ideas – Join
  • मराठा वॉरीयर्स – Join
  •  पुणे जिल्हा मिञ मंडळ – Join
  • राजयोग प्रसारण फडजि ग्रुप – Join
  • मस्ती मजाक – Join
  • Marathi Girls Group – Join
  • मराठी व्हाट्सअप ग्रुप – Join
  • इये मराठीचिये नगरी अपडेट – Join
  • Maharastra Group 2023 – Join
  • Marathi News – Join
  • Defence Aspirants – Join
  • Mauli Paithani – Join
  • SSC 10th Class 2023 Batch – Join
  • Maharastra Tandav – Join
  • Fashion Marathi – Join
  • Zerodha Brokerage – Join
  • The stylo collection 7 – Join
  • Videobuddy – Join
  • Mumbai Indian – Join
  • P Collections – Join
  • Marathi Funny Group – Join
  • Marathi Group 2 – Join
  • Class Mate – Join
  • Maharastra Political Group – Join
  • Funny Jokes Marathi – Join
  • Teenager Group – Join
  • Job In Pune – Join
  • Marathi Hungama – Join
  • Marathi Songs – Join
  • Shree Gajanan Astrology – Join

Marathi Agriculture WhatsApp Group Links

  • शेतकरी राजा – Join
  •  कृषी जाहिरात – Join
  • जमीन वाचवा अभियान – Join
  • लोणी कृषी मार्केट 1 (जाहिरात ग्रुप) – Join
  • कृषी जाहिरात केंद्र 1 – Join
  • कृषी समृद्धी – Join
  • लोणी कृषी मार्केट 4(जाहिरात ग्रुप) – Join
  • शिवसाम्राज्य – Join
  • मराठा क्रांती मोर्चा – Join
  • शिवसेना – Join

MPSC Marathi WhatsApp Group Links

  • MPSC Online ACADEMY – Join
  • MPSC – Join
  • स्पर्धा परीक्षा – Join
  • Mpsc – Join

Marathi Current Affairs WhatsApp Group Links

  • Only G.K. Study – Join
  • Daily Current Affairs – Join
  • @Current affairs 888 – Join

UPSC WhatsApp Group Link Marathi

  • Mission UPSC – Join

Marathi News WhatsApp Group Links

  • Today News Daily – Join
  • Marathinokri – Join
  • G1News Marathi – Join
  • बारामती झटका न्यूज ३० – Join
  • Work From Home – Join
  • News Updates – Join
  • सर्व भारत न्यूज – Join
  • Vidarbha24News 14 – Join
  • SMN CHANNEL NO 23 – Join
  • News Today:82 – Join
  • Suryoday Live-141 – Join
  • Live 24 तास News 16 – Join
  • विदर्भ 24 न्यूज – Join

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Marathi WhatsApp Group Rules

Marathi groups have some specific rules that are mandatory to follow for every member. Any user opposing the rules will have a hard time surviving in the group. So, follow the rules listed below carefully if you are going to join a group.

  • Make sure you only use two languages in the Marathi group; English and Marathi native.
  • Be polite when you are talking about Marathi culture.
  • Respect all the members of the group.
  • Using harsh/bad words is not allowed.
  • Don’t share your thoughts on politics, leaders, etc.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Benefits of Joining Marathi WhatsApp Group

Marathi WhatsApp group offers a lot of benefits to different types of individuals or organizations. We have explained a bunch of them below.

  • If you’re a Marathi living in a society with no native people around, you may feel separated sometimes. By joining Marathi groups, you can get close to your people.
  • Interested in Marathi culture and want to know how native people celebrate their festive? The groups can be helpful to know about the culture in detail.
  • Facing difficulty finding Marathi entertainment content? You can join the group and ask members for recommendations. They can suggest you some of the best Marathi entertainment.
  • Looking for a spokesperson to practice Marathi? You can find local Marathi speakers that will help you ace the language speaking for you.

How to Join Marathi WhatsApp Group

We understand that some of you may have difficulty joining Marathi WhatsApp group links. Well, you can follow the steps below to come over that.

  1. Firstly, from the list above, decide which Marathi group you want to join.
  2. See beside the group name for a join link.
  3. Click on that and you’ll be redirected to the Marathi group join page.
  4. Finally, click on the Join chat.
  5. That’s it.


Can you talk in Hindi in the Marathi WhatsApp group?

Mostly, Marathians understand Hindi as most of them are Indians. In the groups, they prefer talking in their native language but if you have difficulty speaking Marathi, you can make conversation in Hindi as well. It will be alright.

Are Marathi WhatsApp groups nice for outsiders?

The admins of Marathi WhatsApp groups allow outsiders to join. And as long as you are following the rules of the group, you are fine. You also have to show that you are interested in the culture i.e you can post your queries, try to make conversation, etc. Doing these will give you a nice stay in Marathi groups.

Are Marathi WhatsApp groups consist of Indians?

Yes, Marathians are part of India, the majority of the native people have livelihoods in the country. Among all the diversified cultures in India, Marathi is one of popular.


There are numerous Marathi Whatsapp groups on different topics out there to join for free. Like there are study groups, news groups, cultural groups, etc. As per your choice, you can join them from the above list. We will also try to update this post with new group links every now and then.

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