880+ Punjabi WhatsApp Group Links [2024 Updated]

Are you in search of Punjabi WhatsApp group links to join? if your answer is yes to this question then you have come to the right destination. In this article, we have curated an extensive list of Punjabi WhatsApp group links like Punjabi song groups, Punjabi student groups, Punjabi status groups, Punjabi movies groups furthermore, and various Punjabi WhatsApp groups.

If you are from Punjab or you’re Punjabi, we invite you to join these Punjabi WhatsApp groups. Here, you can find a wide range of Punjabi WhatsApp groups. Below, we have compiled an extensive list of captivating Punjabi WhatsApp group links.

Active Punjabi WhatsApp Group Links

Punjab Board GroupLink
Punjabi SongsLink
Items Group by AnjuLink
Shree WaheguruLink
Hun ta SudharLink
Wedding dress sharwaniLink
Punjabi ForeverLink
Panjabi GroupLink
Learn the Punjabi languageLink
Sher E PunjabLink
Punjabi FashionLink
Punjab BankLink
Only for PunjabiLink
Punjabi FriendsLink
Punjabi PoetryLink
Music ProductionLink
Shree Wahe GuruLink
Punjabi Attitude StatusLink
Punjabi GirlsLink
Moosewala FansLink
Punjabi SongsLink
Moosewala Legend IndustryLink
Punjabi VideosLink
Upcoming SarLink
50-50 Punjab News Link
Learn Punjabi LanguageLink
No LoveLink
Punjabi YoutuberLink
Punjab Board Of EducationLink
Punjabi Leaked SmanLink
Pakistani PunjabiLink
Flower WorldLink
Online EarningLink
Designer AnuLink
Dastara waleLink
Punjabi BoysLink
Babbu maanLink
Wholesale MarketLink
Colony of sadnessLink
Love LiFeLink
Punjabi Movie DownloadLink
Radha KrishnaLink
Da Ni Mada Sidhu UstadLink
Sanjha Punjab ZindabadLink
Jatt BoysLink
Best FriendsLink
Daily PunjabiLink
Need SomethingLink
Punjabi StatusLink

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Rules of Punjabi WhatsApp Group

If you have recently joined any groups mentioned above then you should follow some specific rules that are made for Punjabi WhatsApp groups, if you fail to comply with these rules then as a result you get blocked from the group. We have provided a list of some rules below.

  • Respect every group member and be courteous when you discuss in the group.
  • Don’t make any religion fun respect all religion members in the groups.
  • Do not share any adult content or any kind of these links in the group.
  • You should not make fun of any political party that turns into a big conversation.
  • Do not troll any singer by sharing memes of them.
  • Don’t spam in the group if you facing any problems in the group then you should contact with group admin.
  • Group members are not allowed to make any changes in the group.

How to Join Punjabi WhatsApp Group Link

In case you are experiencing any issues while joining Punjabi WhatsApp groups there is no need to worry, we have compiled a step-by-step guide below to becoming a member of the Punjabi WhatsApp group.

  • Firstly check if your WhatsApp application is updated or not.
  • Then select which Punjabi WhatsApp group you want to join.
  • And see beside the group name link button simply click on it and you will be redirected to your official WhatsApp account.
  • Where you can see the join chat button click on it and you have done the process.

Benefits of Joining Punjabi WhatsApp Group

Explore the numerous benefits offered by joining the Punjabi WhatsApp group. Take a moment to discover the advantages outlined below and become a member today.

  • In the Punjabi WhatsApp group, you will discover a wealth of knowledge about their living culture and much more.
  • You can learn how to effectively communicate with Punjabi you can enhance your Punjabi language by conversing with them in the group.
  • The Punjabi WhatsApp group will provide you with easy access to the latest news and updates.
  • You can join these Punjabi WhatsApp groups to meet and interact with Punjabi friends.
  • If you love listening to Punjabi songs then you can join a Punjabi song WhatsApp group where you can get all upcoming songs news.


In this article, we have curated a long list of captivating Punjabi WhatsApp group links. We hope that you have successfully joined a Punjabi WhatsApp group of your choice so share this article with your friends who are also looking for Punjabi WhatsApp group links to join.

In case we have missed any Punjabi Whatsapp group links that you would like us to add, kindly inform us in the comment section.

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