980+ Student WhatsApp Group Links 2024 [Updated]

So, if you are a student who’s looking for the most active & engaging student WhatsApp group links, this article could be very helpful. By joining these particular groups, you can get study materials, preparation tips for your exam, important questions with answers, etc.

From the student WhatsApp group, you can get lots of knowledge and information that could help you perform well academically. Also, you can have conversations with other students and short out any problem that you’re facing in your study. If you study alone or only by yourself, the groups can also be a great source to learn overall.

Well, you can go through below top student WhatsApp group links and join the one you like by name. We have added them after some research and we hope you will find them helpful in your student journey.

Active Student WhatsApp Group Links

  • Student Life – Join
  • Science & Maths Students – Join
  • Free and Paid Online Courses – Join
  • KnowStudents – Join
  • Mr student – Join
  • Learning English Group – Join
  • Students – Join
  • CSwithGK Job Notifications – Join
  • Exam Preparation – Join
  • Online Education System – Join
  • Basic To High Education – Join
  • CSIR Physics June 2024 – Join
  • Motivation Facts – Join
  • You Live and Learn – Join
  • Free Education – Join
  • M-Learning – Join
  • Fun With Students – Join
  • Education Group – Join
  • Online Quran Academy – Join
  • Basic Educational – Join
  • Study Material – Join
  • Admission Guide Line – Join
  • Distance Learning – Join
  • Exam Vision – Join
  • World Of Biology – Join
  • Physics & Maths Zone – Join
  • JK Educational Updates – Join
  • Motivate Yourself SRTIMES4 – Join

International Student WhatsApp Group Links

  • Russian Students – Join
  • Japanese Learners – Join
  • USA Students  – Join
  • Japanese Learners – Join
  • Know Students – Join
  • German Learn – Join
  • Science Students – Join
  • STUDENT’S  DUTY – Join
  • Learn By Doing – Join
  • Dare To Live – Join
  • Rich Kids – Join
  • Islamic Library – Join
  • Cisco Webex online study – Join
  • Rife Study Group – Join
  • Knowledge For Student – Join
  • Learn By Doing – Join
  • Sharpen your Skills – Join
  • Earn Money WhatsApp Group

Collage Student WhatsApp Group Links

  • Job Vacancies – Join
  • Selective Academy – Join
  • Quiz competition by Az Smart Study – Join
  • SSC GD MTS CHSL  – Join
  • Top universities Students – Join
  • Class 11 study group – Join
  • Sarkari Yojana – Join
  • Knowledge is Power – Join
  • Educated Persons – Join
  • GK & News – Join
  • World Mathematicians – Join
  • CA Students – Join
  • Education – Join
  • Motivational Speech Shorts – Join
  • Part-Time Job – Join
  • Study Facts – Join
  • Electrical Engineer – Join

Indian Student WhatsApp Group Links

  • Home Tutor Delhi – Join
  • Hindi GK – Join
  • Secret Coaching – Join
  • Study Material Official – Join
  • Education Rajasthan – Join
  • Gk And Job Alert – Join
  • GovtJob – Chhattisgarh – Join
  • Exam Master – Join
  • Railway Education – Join
  • Study News – Join
  • Neet Pursuing Students – Join
  • Study Guru – Join
  • Youth Motivations – Join
  • M_Learning – Join
  • Knowledge Is Power – Join
  • Kids Learn Video – Join
  • Story Gram – Join
  • Motivational World – Join
  • Jai Hind – Join
  • Engineering Jobs – Join
  • IIBF EXAM – Join
  • Competitive Exam Tamari – Join
  • RojGar – Join
  • Youth Dreams Support – Join
  • Student Group 2024 – Join
  • Knowledge Is Power 4 – Join
  • Premade Tutor – Join
  • Current Affairs GK – Join
  • Student Alone – Join
  • Social SST – Join
  • Daily GK – Join
  • Physics Group – Join
  • Target Railway – Join
  • Study Hunt WhatsApp Group – Join

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Student WhatsApp Group Rules

After you’ve joined the groups you like from the above list there are some important rules that are mandatory to follow. If you failed to follow the rules you might be getting blocked. Read the rules below carefully.

  • Don’t abuse or use any type of cheap language while having a conversation in the group.
  • You should only discuss topics related to studies, jobs, vacancies, etc.
  • You can share your story of becoming a good student. You can also include some major pillars that made that happen for you.
  • Don’t make fun of students asking for help in solving easy questions, it could be hard for them as freshers.
  • Try your best to be active in the group and keep sharing the most important studies-related knowledge which can be helpful for other students.
  • Don’t post any type of fake news that makes political jokes.
  • Don’t spam, if you have any problem you should contact and talk with group admins.

How to Join Student WhatsApp Groups

Below we have guided you properly on how you can join student WhatsApp groups. Before you begin to follow them, make sure WhatsApp is properly installed and logged in on your device.

  • From the list of student groups, choose which one you want to join.
  • Then see beside the group name for the join link.
  • Simply click on it and you will be redirected to that student WhatsApp group join page.
  • Finally, click on the join chat.
  • You’re done.

Benefits of Joining Student WhatsApp Group

There are lots of benefits to being a member of a student WhatsApp group, you can gain so much knowledge that is required for a student to succeed academically.

  • In the group, there are usually lots of students and teachers so you will likely receive notes on your new projects or your upcoming exams.
  • You can get holiday notifications from teachers in the group.
  • In the group, you can make lots of online friends who are students themselves.
  • You can get educational help from all students.
  • Advanced preparation or completing projects on time will become easy as you can ask for solutions of time taking questions.
  • Studying will become more fun and you will feel a sense of belonging to a great community.


Student life can be hard and to make that a little easier and enjoyable, you can take the help of some modern ways of studying. You can succeed as a student by taking advantage of everything that is available out there for you. Student WhatsApp group is one of them. It can help you in many ways such as managing time for study, tips on completing projects, smart ways to advance completing the course, better preparation strategies for exams, etc.

Moreover, you won’t need to hard search for notes from friends or school teachers, you can simply get that from the student WhatsApp group link. So, that’s it. We hope you have got some helpful information today.

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