885+ Kerala WhatsApp Group Links [2024 Updated]

Kerala WhatsApp Group Links: Kerala is one of the states in India with the largest land as compared to other states. It is vastly known for its wildlife national parks, plantation of coffee beans, and coconut trees. People in Kerala also have many arts made from natural elements like bamboo water bottles, boats made of bamboo, etc. They even eat meals on big leaves. We can say that people are truly utilizing the gifts they’ve been given by nature.

Also, in recent years Kerala and its people have been pushing hard for tourism as the place offers some of the best experiences of greenery and pleasurable weather. You can have many great experiences and peace there especially if you live in a fast-paced city. Well, to help you connect to the Kerala community, we have shared a wholesome list of Kerala WhatsApp group links for various purposes. Have a look at the list below.

Kerala WhatsApp Group Link

Kerala News GroupLink
Kerala business groupLink
Fans KeralaLink
Work from home 108Link
MBA DegreeLink
Kerala FriendsLink
Football LoverLink
Group is closedLink
Kerala Developer HelpsLink
Kerala FriendshipLink
Kerala GamersLink
South IndianLink
Kerala Tourism GroupLink
Kerala MoviesLink
Kerala Jobs GroupLink
Kerala PSC UpdatesLink
Kerala PSC NotesLink
PSC AspirantsLink
Kerala GroupLink
Kerala BoysLink
Kerala Fun GroupLink
Educational GroupLink
Kerala PartyLink
Champion WaysLink
PSC Exam AlertLink

Kerala Girl WhatsApp Group Link Join

Kerala GirlsLink
Talent Academy PSC Link
FC BarcelonaLink
Heavy FightLink
Study GroupLink
Kerala Video GroupLink
Kerala Business Link
Kerala Police PSCLink
Kerala Girls GroupLink
Kerala Songs GroupLink
Kerala UniversityLink
Study CornerLink

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Rules Of Kerala WhatsApp Group Link

If you have recently joined any Kerala WhatsApp group using the given link, you need to adhere to the specific rules and regulations of the Kerala WhatsApp group. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your removal from the group. Below, we have provided a list of rules you should follow carefully.

  • Only Kerala, English speakers, or interested people should join the group.
  • Do not share any fake news or information in the group.
  • Respect all participants of the group.
  • Try to make conversations relevant to the group topic.
  • Do not use the group for personal marketing or advertisement purposes.
  • Permission should be taken from the admin before sharing sensitive things like news, or video.
  • Do not make random calls to any group of participants.

Advantages Of Joining Kerala WhatsApp Group

Kerala WhatsApp group provides lots of advantages for their group members some of these advantages are described here below. Take a moment to explore the benefits.

  • If your mother tongue language is Kerala and doesn’t like making conversations in other languages, joining the Kerala-specific group can fill the void.
  • Kerala WhatsApp Groups are a must for people whose mother tongue is Malayalam to receive news, updates, and happenings.
  • If you live in regions like Malayalam or nearby places, joining Kerala groups and communities can benefit you.
  • The group members often share brilliant tactics to learn the Malayalam language. You’ll often find the meaning of much popular Malayalam slang in the group.
  • If you are looking to learn the Kerala language, you can join groups that can help you improve your Kerala speaking or writing skills. By joining, you can learn how to properly pronounce words.

How To Join Kerala WhatsApp Group Link

Are you facing any problems while attempting to join the Kerala WhatsApp group? If yes then don’t worry we have listed some steps below to help you become a member of any Kerala WhatsApp group.

  • Firstly select the group that you want to join from the above list.
  • Click the Join link appearing beside the group name.
  • You will be redirected to the Join page.
  • Make sure you are properly logged in to your WhatsApp for PC or Phone.
  • Finally, click on Join Chat.
  • And done.


In this article, we have shared an extensive list of engaging Kerala WhatsApp group links for you to join. If you have joined your likes of Kerala WhatsApp group then don’t forget to follow group rules & regulations to maintain a good stay in the group also share this article with your friends who are also looking for Kerala WhatsApp group links to join.

In case we have missed any Kerala Whatsapp group links that you would like us to add, kindly inform us in the comment section.

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